Ray-Bob's All-Purpose Seasoning

Ray-Bob's Recipes

Pan-Fried Pork Tenderloin


  • - 1 large tenderloin

  • - Panko bread crumbs

  • - Oil

  • - Ray-Bob’s Seasoning


Slice pork tenderloin into thin steaks.
Season with Ray-Bob’s Seasoning.
Bread with Panko following directions on package.
Quickly pan fry in oil until cooked.
Try thinly sliced chicken breast.
Delicious !!!!!!

Red Fish Eddie


  • - 2  Redfish filets in the half shell

  • - 1  Small onion

  • - 1/2 Green bell pepper

  • - 1/2  Yellow bell pepper

  • - 2  Toes garlic

  • - 1/2  Can artichoke hearts

  • - Mushrooms – enough to cover fish

  • - 2  Roma tomatoes

  • - Monterrey  jack cheese


Season fish with Ray-Bob’s All Purpose Seasoning

Dice onions, green, yellow bell peppers, garlic, artichokes and mushrooms.

Season with Ray-Bob’s Seasoning and saute in olive oil until tender.
Dice tomatoes and add to mixture just to warm.
Stack all veggies on fish and cover in thin slices of Monterrey Jack cheese.

Put on pit (medium heat) with scales down until fish is cooked and cheese melts over veggies.
Scoop fish out of scales and serve.
Delicious !!!

Papa’s Ribs


  • - One rack of baby back ribs

  • - One gallon canola oil

  • - Ray-Bob’s All Purpose Seasoning


Cut ribs into individual pieces, coat generously with Ray-Bobs’s
mix well until all ribs are coated.  In deep fryer heat oil to 350*.
Add  enough ribs to keep the temp around 350.  When meat starts
to pull away from bone they are done.  Drain on paper towels. Enjoy!